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POZ Decade: Senses Fail - Let It Enfold You



Senses Fail’s Let It Enfold You was released ten years ago next week, and PropertyOfZack is launching our next Decade feature in honor of the album today! We have commentary on the album from Senses Fail’s frontman Buddy Nielsen, as well as POZ team members Becky Kovach, Ashley Aron, Zack Zarrillo and Jason Stives, so enjoy and reblog to let us know your thoughts on Let It Enfold You ten years later!

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How Let It Enfold You holds up in 2014
New Jersey tends to get shit on a lot. Why? I’m not really sure. I love my state, and will proudly consider myself as a representative of it until the day I die. It was with great enthusiasm, then, that I dove back into the debut album of a band who, for me at least, has always embodied the best of the New Jersey scene. That band is Senses Fail and the album, of course, Let It Enfold You. 

Ten years later, Let It Enfold You still lives up to everything my memories have built it up to be – a brash and passionate album with choruses that sink in like poison and a well-kept balance of clean, melodic vocals and raw, primal screams. Let It Enfold You spawned numerous hits, including “You’re Cute When You Scream,” “Buried a Lie,” and “Rum Is For Drinking, Not For Burning,” all of which are still among my favorites to hear live. 

It’s hard to replicate what Senses Fail did with Let It Enfold You, because they did it so well that nothing else even comes close. This is one of the few ten-year tours that I haven’t rolled my eyes at or brushed off immediately, which in itself is a testimony of the merit of this album. – Becky Kovach

How does Let It Enfold You fit into the band’s catalog today?
The record still makes up most of our live show. Out of all the records, we probably play LIEFY songs more than any other record. I still think it holds up well. My voice has completely changed, and when we recorded this I was newly 19, still a teenager. Lyrically some of it still resonates with me, but a lot of it I can’t really say I relate to anymore, which is a good thing. People love the record and it really put us on the map. – Buddy Nielsen

Most important song on Let It Enfold You
The tracks on Let It Enfold You range from edgy to angsty to emotional, yet Senses Fail does a phenomenal job of arranging them in such a way that the emo and punk influences meld flawlessly. To pick a standout track on this album is hard, as all the singles were unbelievable, but my inner scene kid is telling me to go with “Bite To Break Skin.” The sweeping intro brings back memories of the random MySpace profile where I first heard the track, probably somewhere in 2005-2006, and became drawn in to the poppy-screamo vibe.

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